When Reality Knocks...

Lock Your Door

Reality is optional in my world. 
Reality is a fence. It tries to keep you locked up, seeing things as logic.
I have my own "logic." More or less the opposite.
My wife says it's "unlogic."
It makes sense. To me.
In my world, the sky opens in the morning and closes at night.
When you sleep, the world is gray. Your eyes open and they find the color. Make it for themselves.
If we saw in black and white, it would make like boring and miserable.
So our eyes make the color for us.
Dreams are purposefully nonsensical.
They show the inner workings of your mind.
Your brain should run faster than your feet can.
Your mouth should have to work to keep up.
Everything is as you want it to be.
Don't get caught in the fence.
Be the lamb that escapes it.

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