Not my gumdrop buttons!

Do you know the Muffin Man?
The Muffin Man?
Yes, I know the Muffin Man. Who lives on Drury Lane?
Well, she's married to the Muffin Man.
The Muffin Man?
She's married to the Muffin Man....

It's that time of year ^-^ 

I love Christmas. Music and movies and books all dedicated to being happy. Family that you hate shows up.
There's angry people and drama and OH SO MUCH FUN! I think that Christmas is more than just
presents. It's telling people how much you love and care about them. And sometimes how much you don't.
Which wouldn't be a problem if some people were just... not fail at life? I think it'd solve just about
everything, eh? But anycow, the movies and the candy canes and the cold have gotten me all in-spirit.
I really want eggnog, horror films, and sugar cookies. But this is fine for now. Beautiful on its own.

By the way, I went eat at a frozen yogurt place this weekend, and it was probably the most amazing thing 
in the world. Go try it. Tutti Frutti's.

Story time?
Outside your door is a girl in a mask and she's weeping.
You don't know what she's standing there for, but she's bleeding.
So you open the door and let her inside and she smiles.
Her eyes look at you, perfect, open, and wide as her tears hit the tiles.
You take her pale hands to make them warm and she laughs.
You feel her humor, a push of gentle wind as it'll pass.
You wrap her up in a blanket and you realize she's cold.
And you realize her face is so young, yet her eyes are old.
They're mirrors, you notice, keeping you inside them in a trance.
You keep her to you and dance a broken, hollow dance.
And she inhales you like the night takes the stars in its fold.
She takes your every beginning, every end, your very soul.

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