That girl is monster.

Pasted to the wall with her-
Bright eyes.
Can we stop all this-
She'll haunt until you drown in your-
Own cries.
Never a hint of humanity.

I've decided to start this blog because it's gotten to the point where I need one. I can't rant anywhere else due to unwanted eyes watching my every move and character limits on whatever I say. Therefore, I realized that I needed a way to scream without anyone there to put the tape over my mouth and shut me up. 
Also, I figured it'd be fun. All the important things, added to pictures, and stuck on a wall. 
So, just an intro? I'm a total nerd. I like Doctor Who and British science fiction. I like German bands and indie and eighties music and some screamo. I mostly like music that makes me feel like it's okay to stand apart from a crowd. To me, Queen is the greatest band ever. I paint when I'm upset. I write when I'm calm. I bounce off of walls when I'm happy.
I constantly quote The Mighty Boosh and Alex Day and Chance & Andy. It's just what we do. I love Tim Burton and television shows. I used to read all the time, and now I don't have the time to read. 
This is just the beginning of the game for me.

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