So I've come to realize that this blog o' mine is not doing anything for anyone. That's not what I wanted. I got a blog to express creativity and find inspiration by rambling. I hoped to give inspiration as good as I had gotten. And I'm failing. Horribly.
            The new plan? To actually say things. Let's see... 
            I watched Labyrinth with my step sister last night. We didn't pay too much attention to it, so I don't feel as if I've seen it. But we watched the beginning like hawks. The goblins. "Just say it. I wish the goblins would take you away. Right now." What kind of exact wording is that? David Bowie / Glitter Monster deciding to throw the baby around. Still wondering how they filmed that, exactly. I'm hoping he didn't actually throw the baby. But... it's Bowie. So it's not as if I wouldn't believe he'd do that. 
            I guess I basically don't have a point other than to tell you something about random pieces of literature, movies, and other things that your mind can draw some inspiration from.
           Though, if you're planning a movie where babies are stolen, I suggest the Spanish version. Pan's Labyrinth. I might be insulting people by saying that it's better. But it's better if you're into more of a horror than a glitter wonderland. Just saying.



Lady bugs are hermaphroditic. 
They must lead amazing lives.
It is my plan for the world.
Free love.
For all.
Without prejudice.
Without cheating.
There'd be no need.
For lies.
For hatred.
For bigotry. 
If we were all ladybugs,
Life would be...